Happy 2016 to everyone!

Its mid-jan already and CNY is just around the corner..

A few male friends of mine was telling me to start a blog on shoes since I come from a generation of shoemakers and they have always come to me for advice relating to men shoes. It would really help a lot of guys out there in Singapore..

That was a few years back, yes yes I know, why now? what took you so long!?

I was hesitant about the idea of having a blog,
Firstly; I am not very good with words, Secondly; I wasn’t too sure about my knowledge with regards to anything shoes, Thirdly; I was afraid that I do not have enough time to post anything thus my blog becoming dormant.. blah blah blah

Well, finally I have decided that in 2016 as my first resolution of the year, GO AND DO IT!

There were a lot of reasons that made me wanna go ahead with this blog. I shall not bore anyone with the those, main thing is that I hope to share my knowledge on men shoes with every guy out there in Singapore and also to learn from others their experiences as well.

With that, I promise to try to share at least 1 post every week.