Waterproof your shoes

Hi everyone,

Today we’ll touch on something that many of you may be interested in, being in a country like Singapore where there’s both rain and shine.

We’ve already established that if not properly managed, water can damage leather and shorten the lifespan of your shoes. Thus, it is important to perform these steps so your shoes get a layer of protection. Do note though, it does not mean your shoes are waterproof nor will it keep water from entering your shoes because there will always be gaps in a pair of shoes. What these waterproof sprays do is to prevent the leather material in your shoes from absorbing the moisture.

If you want to know how to use waterproofing spray, check out this video

It is important to ensure you get the spray that is safe to use on your shoe material – are your shoes made of smooth grain leather, nubuck or suede? You’ll have to purchase the waterproof spray catered to each specific material. An additional thing to keep in mind when you purchase waterproof sprays would be the expiry date. It’s best to purchase a spray that is at least 6 months away from the expiry date.

The waterproof spray should leave a water-repellent coating on suede or leather.  After spraying the formula, give the shoes time to dry completely.

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The following step is important, especially if your shoes aren’t black in colour.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to alter the appearance of your shoes. Some waterproof sprays make bold claims that it doesn’t affect or change the colour of your shoes, but it’s not always the case. Hence, always test the product first by applying a small amount of product at an inconspicuous area of the shoe to see if it alters the appearance of the shoes.

These steps may seem burdensome but they really aren’t too difficult, especially since you’ve already invested in a fine pair of shoes.  How about going the extra mile to protect them from water damage?

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