Shoe Care Guide Part 2

Hi gentlemen,

Today we’re bringing back Shoe Care Guide Part 2. Previously, we talked about the tools you need to care for your leather shoes as well as given you a couple of tips. For those who’ve missed out on that post, you can read it here.

In this post, I’ll be giving a demonstration on how you can use your leather shoe cream. See for yourself, the difference that caring for your shoes makes.

You will need:

  1. Leather Shoe Cream
  2. Shoe Brush
  3. Newspaper
  4. Water

I hope the video gave you a better idea on how to maintain your shoes with shoe cream. Stay tuned for the upcoming posts!

Men shoes options for travel – The Casual Leather Shoes & Sandals.

We’re down to the last quarter of the year, where would you guys be going for your holiday?

I can’t stress the importance of choosing the right shoes for your trip. When I say right shoes, I don’t mean shoes that match every outfit you’ll be wearing. I mean the pair of shoes that are comfortable and let you walk miles. I know we all struggle with deciding between comfort and style but you don’t have to. There are shoes that are travel friendly without compromising on appearance.

Of course, the type of shoes you decide is also dependent on where you are going. I’ll talk about my shoe picks for travelling to three different places.

  • Casual Leather Shoe

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If you’re going to countries in Asia or anywhere with temperatures above 20 degrees, the casual leather shoe will do just fine. You don’t want to be worrying too much on styling while you’re on the go. A good pair of travel shoes should be versatile – casual leather shoes can work with both trousers and berms.  You can walk around in ease in this pair in the day and also look smart while going into a restaurant for dinner. Another element that’s important during travelling would be durability. You’ll want to be wearing shoes that can withstand all that walking, so don’t bring along new shoes but a seasoned pair.

Oh yes, another travel tip would be to invest in good socks. Don’t belittle the importance of socks, they can help prevent blisters! I’m sure we all want a dry feeling as we’re walking so find socks made of quick absorbing material.

  • Boots


If you’re going to somewhere cold or during the winter season, the best kind of shoes to wear is boots. You should choose a pair of boots with substantial weight, that provides more grip so you can feel more confident wearing it. The boots should have a soft leather exterior with a fur lined interior to keep you warm.

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If you’re going to a hotter place, your feet may expand or swell so sandals might be a better choice.  These lightweight sandals are breathable and can be worn on general terrain or even to the beach. The fact that these shoes won’t take up much space or weight in your suitcase is a definite plus point as well. They’ll be great to bring along on beach holidays and island hopping trips.

A great pair of sandals has to be durable, comfortable; the right fit and have good traction.

Remember that it’s essential that you treat your feet well while travelling because one thing is for sure, you’d be walking a lot more than usual.

Have a great holiday everyone!

The Staple Slip Ons – Monk Straps & Slip Ons

Okay guys, today we’ll continue with the staple slip-ons.

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It is said that monk shoes were named because monks in Europe were known to wear this kind of shoes during for extra protection as opposed to sandals. The shoe has no lacing, its closed by a buckle and strap aka monk strap. The monk strap that is fastened across the front of the shoe can have a single or double buckle closure.

The Monk is less formal than an Oxford but more so than loafers. If you’re aiming to look stylish, in a less formal setting, I’d say this is the pair for you.  This pair of shoes can work well with jeans to suits. Monk shoes are popular in suede and occasionally brogued.

Should I wear socks with these shoes?

You can get away with no socks if you’re going to someplace with a less formal setting. However, if you’re going for a meeting with a client and need to look more put together, you should wear socks.

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These shoes are easily identified by its slip-on style. You can dress up or dress down with slip-ons, depending on what you wear, which makes this style highly versatile. Slip-ons that feature a metal strap across the front tend to look more formal and can be matched with a suit. If you just want to look smart on a night out with the boys, you can select a pair of slip-ons with tassels and match it with a shirt and chinos.

One thing to note, you should wear slip-ons with a shoehorn to prevent damaging the back heel leather when slipping on the shoes.

I’d like to know though; do you feel that slip-ons are a staple in your shoe closet? What’s your favourite slip-on?