We’re now live – https://blackhammer.com.sg/


Hello everyone,

I’d like to announce something that has been in the works for quite a while. You might be able to guess from the title, but yes, our e-commerce site is currently live ! Need a new pair of shoes but too busy to shop? You can now purchase Black Hammer shoes from the comforts of home, from your office or school.

Shopping for shoes online is very different from purchasing it in a physical store. The fact that you can’t actually try on the shoes for yourself has a significant impact. For those who are Black Hammer regulars and have tried on our shoes, you’ll know the type of material we use and even the comfort level of our shoes. For those who have never bought our shoes, we’re dedicated to helping you purchase shoes suitable for you online.

Its a well-known fact that exchanges occur more often for online purchases. Maybe you’ll have a 50 – 60% chance of getting a pair of shoes that fit you right when you purchase from other sites. However, at Black Hammer, we aimed for 85% chance of you purchasing a pair of shoes that fits you well. Yes, whilst there are many other sites selling shoes as well, we try to aid our consumers by providing a comprehensive size chart and showing you how you can get your feet measurements as accurately as possible.

Most sites will provide you a size chart that shows you sizing in UK, EUR, US. There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a pair of shoes. Majority of us know our standard sizing, length is usually not a problem. However, your comfort level can be compromised when the width or instep proves incompatible.  Thus, we’ve included the circumference of the width and instep.

The decision to go online isn’t a hasty one. I think we can all admit that most of us are turning to online shopping for its ease and convenience amidst our busy schedules. At Black Hammer, we’re always striving to improve ourselves. To be better, to bring you classic timeless shoes that can go the distance with you. Thank you for all the support and stay tuned, because we’ve got something special in store for you.

How To: Extend The Shelf Life Of Your Leather Shoes


We all know and think that leather shoes ought to have a longer shelf life, which is why we invest on a quality pair of leather shoes.

  • Don’t wear the same pair of shoes every day. I get it, you like your favourite pair a lot. Still, it’s advisable to switch it up because we sweat as we walk and that moisture isn’t good for our shoes. Give your shoes the time to air dry. Trust me, it makes a difference.
  • Use a shoetree. The lining of the leather shoes will absorb the moisture from your sweat and in the long run, can cause bad odour and the leather may crack too. Shoe trees are made from absorbent wood, which can dry out the shoes’ lining. Additionally, it can keep your shoes in shape.
  • Weatherproof your shoes. Waterproof sprays prevent the leather material in your shoes from absorbing moisture. Though not “waterproof”, it should leave a water-repellent coating on suede or leather. We’ve talked about waterproofing before and if you’d like to find out just how you should do that, you can read here.
  • Give your shoes TLC. Your shoes need caring and you can do that with shoe creams and regular polishing. Leather cracks when it’s exposed to too much moisture but the lack of adequate moisture can dry it out too. Caring for shoes is nothing new here and you can check out our guides here and here.

Save Your Wet Shoes


It’s been rainy recently and that doesn’t bode well for our leather shoes. You probably already know this – leather and water just don’t mix.

  • Don’t fret. Here’s what you should do when your shoes get wet.
  • Remove your wet shoes
  • Ball up newspapers and stuff your shoes to draw out moisture
  • You don’t want direct heat on your shoes, trust me on this, don’t try to speed up the drying process with a hair dryer. That will only dry out your leather shoes and eventually leads to cracking.
  • After your shoes are dry, you can use a shoe tree to further draw out any remaining moisture and that restores the shape of your shoes as well

If you know that the weather might not be on your side for this period, you can protect your shoes by waterproofing it. It will not make your shoes waterproof so to speak, but it will at least offer some kind of protection. If you missed out on our previous post on how to waterproof, you can check that out here.

I hope this helps!