Christmas Gift Guide

Hello everyone,

Today’s the first day of December – the month of giving! Christmas is around the corner and that also means, gift shopping.Present shopping can be fun for the women, but for us men, it can be quite stressful. So today’s post is a gift guide for you.

The upcoming festivities mean there will be a lot of events and parties to go to. With that said, why not get a pair of shoes for your father, brother, buddy? Not forgetting, how about a pair for yourself as well?

The Dapper Man

Monk Strap Shoes are a great option for someone stylish. It is a highly versatile pair and can be worn in different settings; from a business meeting to a night out. If you’ve got a friend who’s always jetting from work to play, this might just be the perfect gift for him.


members2BH88-209 (left) , BH88-210 (right)

The Free-spirited

gift01BH66-062 (left), BH66-059 (right)

Every guy needs a pair of casual shoes for weekend errands. These shoes can be worn with chinos, berms or casual jeans. With varying colours available, you won’t go wrong with this.

The Ever Classic Man

unnamed-5BH88-221 (top) , BH88-233 (bottom)

Oxfords are timeless. They suit every man, regardless of age group.  These shoes go well with suits and it wouldn’t go wrong for a dressier event either. No matter the recipient, he’s bound to appreciate this classic pair.  P.S If you didn’t know, the details on the side of the featured shoes are a patented design of Black Hammer. A special touch for the classic man you know.

If you’re too busy with work or if you hate crowds, don’t forget you now have the option of buying online. This way, you get your gift shopping done on time with less hassle as well!

I hope this gift guide has been of use to you and makes gift shopping a more enjoyable process for you. Here’s to the festivities, it’s going to be an interesting month ahead.

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