Measurement Counts

Hello gentlemen,


Happy New Year!

There’s always a buzz in the air in the month of January. Especially this year! After Christmas, it was the New Year celebration and now the upcoming Chinese New Year. Furthermore, Chinese New Year falls in January this year! With only about two weeks to go, have you started your new year shopping yet?

Apart from our own online store, I’m pleased to announce that Black Hammer is now available on Qoo10! (Franson Group). We’ve had encouraging results so far and we’ll definitely strive to keep this up. However, we’ve been receiving a couple of enquiries regarding shoe sizes as well as a number of exchange requests due to wrong sizing.

If you’d like to purchase shoes online, the first thing that everyone should do is to get their feet measurements. Keeping in mind that not every consumer would know how to attain these measurements, we’ve included a video that teaches our customers how to DIY!

The team has worked hard in ensuring the accuracy of our size chart. The charts provided on our online store and Qoo10 are not generic, but specific to our shoes, right down to each series of our shoes. Our hope is that through the charts we provide, our customers get to know if the shoes fit right. The only difference is that customers aren’t able to feel the comfort of the shoes.

We have taken in feedback and realised there are a couple of reasons why customers request for a change in size.

If you wear a size 8 for your sneakers or sports shoes, it does not mean you are a size 8 for formal shoes.

Just like how you may size up or size down depending on the clothing retailer you go to, the same applies for shoes. Shoe sizes aren’t standardized; it’s an industry-wide issue because every brand develops their own fit for each shoe size. Even if you wear a size 8 for Nike sneakers, you may not be an Adidas size 8. Every shoe cutting is different thus you can’t assume. Compare your foot measurements to those provided by the specific retailer and find the size that corresponds to your feet length.

Don’t let the fear of buying the wrong sizes deter you from buying online. I hope this post helps you make better choices when you’re shoe shopping online. Happy CNY shopping fellas!

Best Deals: $49.90 Black Hammer/ Crocodile Genuine Leather Shoes

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